Monday, 26 March 2012

A Dog's tale...


Lots of people. Big. Scared. New smells. TONS of them. What do I do? Scared. Strange room. Bright lights. Cage. Newspaper. Sick. LOTS of it. Whimper. Water. Food. Don't want it. Scared. More sick. More newspaper. Drink a little. Scared.

Howl. Howl. Howl. Person. Newspaper changed. Bed taken. Lots of hands. Eyes. Smiles. Curious. Food. Outside. Grass. New smells. Scared. Poo. Picked up. Back in cage. Bed. Tired. Sleep. Newspaper changed.

Lots of legs. Table. Loud noise. Scared. Toy. Chew toy. No. Shoe. Yum. Other dog. Play! Owch. Scared. Grass. Post. Wee. Ground. Ball. People. Hands. Pick up. Warm arms. Finger. Nibble. Person. Jump on. Yawn. Inside. Cage. Drink. Sleep.

It was comfortable...


Inside. People. Lean on. Shoe. Chew on. Human food! Big eyes. Stroked. No food. Aww. Outside. Hear a noise. Bark! Bark! Bark! No threat. Relax. Other dog. Take toy. No fun. Bored. Bug. Pounce. Eat. Sunshine. Lie down. Sleep. Sleep. Loud noise. Jump.

Person. Ball. Pick up. Run and get. Pick up. Run and get. Pick up. Run and get. Lead. WALK! Muzzle. Aww. Road. Smell. Mark territory. New scents. Grass. River. Water. Stick. Puppy. Growl. Whistle. Whistle. Whistle. Whistle. Run. Treat. Pat. Stick. Chew.

Home. Hose. Water. Urgh. Shake. Person. Lean on. Door. Lean on. Lie down. Tired. Sleep. Rattle. Food! Sit. Wait. Come. Yum.

Don't I have such gorgeous brown eyes?


 An insight into the life of Alfie. Do you have a dog as sweet as this one?

Gina x


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