Tuesday, 20 March 2012

A Spot of Tennis...

Frolicking! It seems to sum up what we have been experiencing this afternoon.... images of sunshine, joy, hysterical, uncontrollable laughter, adventure and non-elegant FUN spring to mind. Of these listed, all were experienced.

Let me begin with the late arrival of bubbling friends, trundling onto the spring-green tennis court, and with one flourished flick of the hand, tennis balls come flying out of the tube and onto the ground and little bubbles of uninhibited giggles erupt.

Sunlight hits the strings in a Beautifully English Spring scene.
The gasped "noooo" after a mis-hit and the hysterical arms waving of 'yeeeeah' when an ace fired the line contolled our afternoon. It was the "euoo-euooo" (Monster's Inc reference for anyone that's a fan) that got me the most.

There literally was a symphony of laughs. It's the only way to describe it...I feel sorry for those playing football below us, in a calm, collected, motivated, inspired, sporty, competitive, NORMAL way...

I hope you enjoy the taste of really a very normal, but as always colourful afternoon of ours!

Natural Light
Love, Sarah (sorry, signed in on Milla's...)

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