Wednesday, 7 March 2012

My Perfect Guy

I'm pretty sure we've all done it. Dreamed of the moment when we look up and see HIM. He's just smiling casually, and then he catches your eye and you both just KNOW. And that's it. Fast-forward and you're sailing off into the sunset for the perfect 'Happily Ever After'...

But I'm starting to learn that Prince Charming is what you make him. Bradley Cooper. Ryan Reynolds. THAT guy. Or maybe just pure fiction.

Hear me out here. I'm really not a cynic, but I'm also fully aware that I'm not perfect. (Spend 10 minutes with me and you'll find that out for yourself!) So why on earth do I expect my future husband to be perfect? As much as I would like him to be, in reality it's just not fair for me to have those kinds of expectations. I would feel so inadequate if he had those kinds of expectations of me, and although I want to be the best I can be for him, 'perfect' is never going to be attainable in this life.

I have spent years dreaming of the 'perfect' romance, the 'perfect' proposal, the 'perfect' wedding, and then the subsequent life of 'perfect' bliss. But the whole point of a meet-cute is that it can't be planned! Or at least not by us.

I have faith in a God who has already planned out my perfect romance. Whether that is with a guy who He has set apart to be mine, or whether that is with God, as in the end He should be the ultimate romancer of my soul.

From now on, my perfect guy is not perfect. But neither am I, so I guess he's perfect for me.

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