Saturday, 10 March 2012


A hint for the below: this is all tongue in cheek.

Gina wanted to call this 'twinny tunes'- there is no WAY I would let that happen. The fact that we look the same is enough, but that way of no. just no. I just tried to hug her in consolation...but you know Gina, hugs don't work as well as a well-placed word or smile. :)

Milla refused to let this be called 'twinny tunes'. In my humble, glass-half-full opinion we should milk this God-given genetic happening, embrace this chance! But no, when I suggested the idea I recieved a cynical roll of the eyes and a single: 'Nooooo!' (as a side note - I apologise for the incessant amount of shuffling before hand)

So there you go, two twins stuck in the catch 22 situation of never being able to break from the bonds of our DNA.

Gina and Milla


  1. Oh you guyyys!!!!! This is utterly hilarious in your laughs at beginning and end and your differing opinions on this.....whilst simultaneously beautiful ... love that tune! Did you just come up with it? x x

    1. We made it up on the morning of our confirmation! We hope to make it bigger... maybe with some words :) Thanks!! xxx

    2. Amazing!! Yes, you'll have to develop it, for sure!! You are both just incredible. x x x


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