Sunday, 25 March 2012

Spring Art...

It was a beautiful spring day in the land of Daffodil-dom. The sun was beaming down, we could feel its smile on our skin, and a beautiful clump of bright daffodils seemed to beckon Kate and I to draw them, as a simple photo didn't seem quite enough.

So, we grabbed all the pencils, paper, rubbers, fine liners we could find, and with Switchfoot 'Yet', 'Your love is a Song', 'Lonely Nation' and 'Needle and Haystack life' playing sweetly in the background we drew and we drew and we drew on the banks of a small stream. Both cats paid us visits, then we had to draw ourselves away from the magical spot and drag ourselves upstairs to add watercolours to our drawings. These are the results....

Kate's pencil drawing - isn't it beautiful?!

Kate's fineliner Dafs before...
... after water!

My fine liner sketch.. colour

I hope you've enjoyed a small taste of our spring afternoon!

~ Sarah and Kate


  1. Wow, you guys are so artistic! Nice one, sounds like the perfect thing to do on a sunny afternoon :) X


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