Eve ~ Chai Tea Latte

My Dad is in the military. This may be a seemingly insignificant detail, until you factor in that I have had to move every couple of years for the whole of my life. It has made me a more flexible person and has taught me to make the most of every situation but it means that if you say the word 'home', my mind gets a little confused about where it's meant to be picturing. A relatively small price to pay, however, for the wonderful life I've had so far!

For me, one of the only things that has stayed constant throughout the endless change of addresses has been God's faithfulness. My life has had an unbelievable number of jaw-dropping highs, but also some heart-wrenching lows. I believe that the only reason I've stayed in one piece has been because I was carried in the arms of my Father the moment the going got tough. He did not forget me, even when I forgot Him, but instead He has engraved my name on his palms alongside the nail marks. Because of Jesus' sacrifice, I will forever be safe in the comfort of His embrace.

So what would my idea of a perfect day involve? Well... Having a lie-in. Knitting. Sewing. Baking. Reading anything from Austen. Photographing. Finding new ways to use old things. Eating. Praying. Listening to music. Reading my bible. Drinking endless cups of tea. Having challenging debates with my friends about how we live out our faith. Singing. Playing guitar round a campfire. Making bunting. Walking barefoot on the beach. Worshipping. Writing lyrics. Hanging out with my GORGEOUS friends. Oh, and reading minds. I can't do that yet, but I think it would be pretty cool to do... Just for a day!

My friends on here are almost like my backbone as they've helped hold me together and prop me up through a lot. I am so honoured and blessed to still have them in my life because we all left school in 2012. I'm now at university in Durham, being blessed with yet more amazing friends and going on crazy exciting adventures with God.

Honestly, I'm a pretty open person, so over time I'd like to share a lot about me with you, if you don't mind. I'd like to tell you about the moments of beauty that pop up unexpectedly throughout my day; serendipity. And I'd like to tell you about the things I get up to with my wonderful friends. Oh, and most of all, I'd like to tell you about the ways in which God is shaping and moulding me day-by-day as I grow closer to Him.