Abbie ~ Cappucino

So I guess this is the spacey-thing where I have a spiel about who I am.

Okay.... the thing that most defines who I am is Christ. This is because he was the one who formed me, knew me from the dawn of time, loves me so flipping much that he died for me so I could be covered by his grace. How can I know these facts and not be completely transformed by his love? Yes I fail him. Daily. But every time I run back to him he always has his arms stretched wide open for me, waiting. It's absolutely mindboggling!

Now I guess that we've covered who I am we can move on to my passions and loves and hates and what-nots. I love joy... especially when it comes in the form of laughter. Just think about it, God could have created us as functional beings that just go round ticking boxes, but NO he gives us the ability to literally erupt with joy! Cool huh!? The things I find hilarious are pretty hard to pin-down - it's often the serendipitous moment with friends, when somebody reacts in a completely HYSTERICAL way! Or films (often kid films) which no matter how many times I watch over and over again I still collapse in hysterics. Because I love holding onto these moments I often quote them which again can send me back into floods of joyous guffaws! ha!

Another thing I love is relationship, my relationship with God, family and friends literally mean the world to me. It's fantastic to be surrounded by such a loving, supporting network of people; I have been so incredibly blessed!

Music. Alright, I love good music, no brownie points for anyone who knows me to guess my favourite band: Switchfoot! Love their music, their incredible lyrics and the way they try and subtly share the incredibly message of Christ in such an inspirational way. If you haven't listened to them do!

Children. Not in a creepy way. I just find it so inspiring the way children are, still free from any of the labels that society wants to stick on them. I love their soaring imaginations, without the confines of practicality and their never-ending search for fun!

Now onto my hates. I hate the way our society makes people feel and act; like they have to tick a set of boxes to be beautiful, successful and happy. It literally disgusts me, because it often results in dissatisfied miserable individuals. I genuinely believe that society's hunger for these things is rooted in being lost in the darkness without knowing Christ. He is the only thing that can truly satisfy us, so those who don't know him feel like they have to cram it with other 'stuff' which will simply lead to a downward spiral of greed and disatisfaction, resulting in the worst fate possible, eternity without him! We need to share the light of Christ to all those who live in darkness, it's not called the Good News for nothing!

Well, this is me in a nut-shell. I have so many more loves, hates, flaws, issues etc. but I'm trying to let Christ transform me, which is definitely a journey!