Sunday, 25 March 2012

A Revision Playlist

  1. There Can be miracles- Prince of Egypt
  2. Over my Head- The Fray
  3. The Things we go through- Hawk Nelson
  4. Do You remember?- Jack Johnson
  5. Not Sure- Fiction Family
  6. Here for You- Matt Redman
  7. Best of Luck- Nickel Creek
  8. For the Moments I feel faint- Relient K
  9. Over Thinking- Relient K
  10. The Fight Song- Sanctus Real
  11. Burn out Bright- Switchfoot
  12. Patience- Take That
  13. Almost There- 100hours

I'm not sure I'd advise actually listening to many of these when you revise, but it's a little humorous list to lighten up your working day! The songs I would actually listen to would be wordless (Wordless?? I mean...lyric-less...) ones, such as 'Test Drive'- How to Train Your Dragon, or 'River flows in You'- Yiruma, or the Pride and Prejudice score, etc.
What do you listen to?
If you're working this easter- Good Luck!



  1. HILARIOUS! I love this, Mil!

  2. hahaha, love all of these! especially 1 8 and 9! xx

  3. YES! Totally agree about wordless songs :D if I listened to 'Burn out Bright' whilst revising I think I would be out of my seat and jumping round the room.... :)

  4. 5, 13 and 9 are quite relevant to me right now :) nice post X


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