Meggy D - Darjeeling

I love to dance, I love to sing,
To spread my arms and pretend I have wings.
I love to laugh and crack a smile,
These things make me feel like a child.

I love to sail, to fly in the waves,
It's the perfect way to pass one's days.
But I love to just sit and stare into space,
To lose myself in my secret place.

I love taking photos, the joy that it brings,
To capture a moment, such beautiful things.
All the memories that a photograph can hold,
Are much more precious than pieces of gold.

I love being arty, to design and create,
It's one thing in life you can't leave to late.
Bunting and cards or simply odd bits and bobs,
Can be fun to do inbetween jobs.

I love to play music, the way it can sound,
To me is one the best things to be found.
Singing along to my favourite tune,
Or playing guitar in the light of the moon.

I love my friends, the blessing they are,
There always there both near and far.
My friends are amazing, so wise and true,
Part of them is with me in everything I do.

But the thing I love most is above all of this,
He's my creator, my father, and my life is His.
His name is Jesus, He's both God and Man,
And I know I am safe in his perfect plan.

The Lord Jesus Christ is my Saviour and Friend,
And his love for me it will never ever end.
He is faithful and wise, all ways are true,
But better than that he loves me and you!

I gave my life to Jesus, I could do nothing less,
I was so full of sin I just had to confess.
But He forgave it all, and made me clean,
Now I am whiter than I've ever been.

I know that my future is secure in his name,
Giving up his life was the price for fame.
But his life gives me hope to fight every day,
As I try and often fail to walk his way.

So to finish my love will always be his,
I could never change that, it's just the way it is.
But I enjoy all the things that he's given to me,
Like friends, and music and a good cup of tea!