Saturday, 10 March 2012

An escapade up the hill

So, Eve and I decided to take a little adventure. All for photography purposes of course - I mean why else would we be wearing a ridiculous assortment of layers, colours and wellies during school hours?! We were technically out of school grounds but nobody needs to know that little detail...So, clad in our ridiculous outfits, a guitar, cameras of all kinds we trapsed up the drung to the bench resting at the top of our valley.

But the ridiculousness doesn't stop there I assure you. Let the photographs commence.

We spent a few happy minutes, dodging out of sight of any potential teachers car and flinging ourselves over the landscape. Fling wasn't metaphorical. I literally had to hurl myself through the air. All I asked Eve to do was stand and look pretty, and maybe strum on a guitar. But I had to be a flipping gazelle and, at one point, a giraffe.

Anyway, I came out with a good sequence of pictures for my photography A2 symbolising the changes in human expression. But maybe Eve will tell you her side of the story sometime...


We found ourselves, after at least an hour of this, running down the field, frantically praying that the Glasgow's werent in, which, of course, they were. So after an embarassing encounter we speedily got changed again and sauntered into school just in time for sign in. And nobody who saw us would have guessed where we'd gone.

Love and prosperi-tea :)



  1. brilliant. Love that the Glasgows saw you...that must have been a funny encounter!!!

  2. Minus the REALLY unattractive ones (pictures 1, 2, 3, 5, 9 and 10) I like your post :) xx


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