Thursday, 22 March 2012

A special gift

Receiving your first bouquet is a special thing. Mine was a surprise, wrapped up in tissue paper to be revealed at the right moment.
There was a reason; it wasn’t just a random act of spontaneity, and it was a special reason...Abbie, Milla and I have all just been confirmed. It was a great moment, declaring to the world that we love Jesus Christ, we realise that he loves us and died for us and that we want to spend our whole lives serving him!
So the next day, unbeknown to any of us, Megan shepherded us back to the house and revealed three bouquets of flowers, nicely wrapped, with a large smile. They were beautiful!
Partly for the sake of some interesting pictures, and partly for aesthetic value, Milla and I arranged them chaotically in some different vases and placed them all over the house. Their lovely smell lingered over the kitchen for days, washing over everyone as they entered into the house. So really, this is a post to say thank you to Megan!

Love and prosperi-tea :)


  1. Gina, this is so sweet and I'm glad you liked them :) Your confirmation was a beautiful day, love you! xxxx


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