Monday, 12 March 2012

The name of God

So I wrote this a while ago... It's kind of just my own musings on the name of God... here we go...

How can I describe the beauty of Your name?
How could I begin to cover how majestic, how powerful, how loving, how tender, how humble, how mighty, how fearless, how incredible You are?
Your name is like the crash of ocean as the spray explodes in majestic chaos.
Your name is like the dense silence of night, where only inky blackness stands between this world and Your galexies.
Your name is like the eruption of joy as friends fail to contain their hysterical laughter.
Your name is like the stomach fluttering anticipation before the kiss.
Your name is like the break in the clouds where the sun streaks down with renewed might.
Your name is like the eagle who soars over the summit of mountains with liberty and strength in its wings
But Your name.... it's just so much more majestic,
so much more powerful,
so much more loving,
so much more tender,
so much more humble,
so much more mighty,
so much more fearless,
so much more incredible than any of these. For these are just earthly, fleeting moments... but You... You are the great I AM, You're heavenly spleandor will never ever fade. You are my God.


  1. I LOVE this!! :) Poetical genius Abs, inspiring :) Xx

  2. This has touched on something phenomenal.......God's indescribable VAST unexplainable awesomeness! Thanks for sharing....inspiring :-D xxxx


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