Megan ~ Earl Gray

I love small talk. I know that some people find it superficial and pointless, and I even have a few friends to whom I actively avoid saying 'how are you?' in order to steer clear of any small hint of insincerity. I, however, delight in discovering a little 'treasure-house of detail' about each new person I encounter. I love to find out what they're doing for Christmas and what their favourite colour is, whether they would choose to live in Jane Austen's time if they could and all the seemingly unimportant things that make up us.

Hence, I will unashamedly use this space to tell you the things that you night find out about me if we spent fifteen minutes together drinking tea and talking about the peripheries of who we are.

I grew in a little village in the countryside surrounded by fields where I like to walk my dog whilst the sun is setting.
I like reading and if you ask me what my favourite book then I will probably not be able to give you a straight answer.
I once spent three months in Tanzania: it was a dream come true and I am still learning from my experience there.
I went to boarding school where I met friends who changed my life and whom I love dearly.
My favourite colour is pink and I like getting manicures.
I am slightly in awe of Anne of Green Gables.
I love dinner parties.
One day, I would like to live on a mountain.
My family are wonderfully weird and extraordinarily loving. 
I like to think that I am good at knitting but I am really not.
I live in an old manor house and at the moment I am tucked up in bed listening to hail and wind outside my window.
My favourite time of the year is Christmas quite simply because I love everything about the season: open fires, winter sports, snow, roasted chestnuts, traveling to the mountains and the celebration of the birth of a pretty special person.

So now you know about the world I live in, let me tell you about the very core of me:

I mess up constantly and I am always hurting other people and myself. I can be quick-tempered and self-centered. I am undeserving and dirty; that is the ugly truth.
Thankfully, Jesus Christ chose to die and pay the price for all my messed up way of living. Hence, deep inside me I know that I am clean, loved and accepted. I am a daughter, servant and friend to the God who created sunsets over Lake Victoria and endless snow-coated mountains.