Friday, 23 March 2012

a glimpse of the past

Until this evening, my day had been tiring. I had a coursework deadline this morning, which was stressful. It was also the end of term, which meant that my whole room (at boarding school) had to be completely cleared out... my tendency to create mess meant that this took hours! (The room looked so empty afterwards.) There was then an accident on the way home which meant that the journey home from school took twice as long as normal. I found out babysitting tonight and I have to admit that I felt slightly resentful about it when I got home.

However, the two kids arrived at home with big grins on their faces and excitement in their eyes and my day was immediately brightened. After spending about half an hour deciding what to do with our evening, we settled on making a den. We laboured away, hanging up sheets, rearranging books, gathering toys and duvets, putting up bunting until, voila... we had our den!

This little adventure of ours took me down memory lane. My brother, sister and I used to make dens all the time! Our dens were our sanctuary. Our place to play undisturbed, our place where our imaginations could run wild, where we were adventurers, we were princesses stuck in a tower waiting to be saved, we were knights attacking from the outside, we were intrepid explorers discovering a new cave. Oh the bushes that we destroyed with our outside dens! If we made dens inside, they would last for days and we would insist that every game must be played in the den, every movie must be watched inside the den and on occasion, we were even allowed to sleep in the den.

What are your favorite childhood memories?

Much love,

The beginnings
The kids (don't worry- I asked their parents permission before posting this!)

The finished product!


  1. This is my childhood!! Haha, such a nostalgic blog :) xxx

  2. Love this! I used to spend A LOT of time doing this too, ahh, so much fun...! :)

  3. SO cool Meg! They look like gorgeous kids! Dens were one of my favourite things to make too!

    1. They are gorgeous kids! And so sweet! xx

  4. So cool!! Me and my brothers had the best den in a wood... until they chopped the trees down...tragic.


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