Friday, 23 March 2012

'I got some dreams...'

Last October, my family, some friends and I went to Ireland. We had a wonderful holiday there. We walked along the beach at night. We ate out every supper time, just because we could. We discovered new caves and spent a lot of time sitting and chatting. We also went round a lot of ruined castles. It sounds really boring but it was actually really fun to think about all the people who used to live there and imagine the wars that were fought there.

We were in one such castle and it was in a beautiful location by the sea. The castle was massive and you could just imagine the vast courtyards and the elegant decorations inside. I wanted to be back in that day, sitting by the tower window as the sea lapped onto the shore. Anyway, I suddenly had a deep desire to get inside this one beautiful tower, overlooking the sea. We tried every window and door but couldn’t get in so finally my Dad and I climbed round the side of the tower (much to my mum’s dismay!) trying very hard not to fall in order to see the beach, which was stunning!

The beach that we saw on the other side of the tower
As we climbed back to safety, we noticed a nook in the wall. When we reached inside and lifted up a rock, we found a load of sheets of paper with people’s dreams written on them. They were written by an American (I’m not sure why we thought they were American, maybe they wrote ‘high school’ or something) Christian Youth Group. They had such beautiful dreams, like ‘meeting a wonderful woman with whom I can spend my life building and loving a family’ and ‘leaving the world a little better than I found it.’ The most superficial of the dreams was from a girl named Diane: ‘To own a blue zippy convertible!’- it didn’t quite have the depth of the others! We wrote down our dreams and left them under the rock, too.

Me, my sister and our friend reading the dreams we found
As we’re thinking about leaving school, we’re having to consider what comes next. Making uni plans is a little scary and I have no idea what I want to do when I leave school. It’s great to make these plans but I also love thinking long term- you know, what do I really want from my life? I can’t remember what I wrote on that piece of paper existing somewhere under a rock in Northern Ireland but I’m sure the dreams are very similar to the ones I have now. some of the others and I wrote down our top 5 dreams to share with you:

Me (Megan):
1.     Bring more people into the Kingdom of God and be in a relationship with Jesus all my life. To learn what pleases the Lord.
2.     To fall in love with a man who will bring me closer to God. To spend my life loving him and a family
3.     To graduate from law school and maybe pursue a career in this area.
4.     To enjoy playing the piano. To spend time reading and searching old second hand bookstores. (By the way, I found an amazing one in Lyme Regis which I want to do a blog post on one day- I could spend hours there!)
5.     To see as much of the world as I can- and go on a massive road trip. Maybe even visit each continent (except Antarctica)

When I was little I dreamt of… being a ballerina.

1.     To get to the stage where I can talk to anyone and everyone about the love of God without fear or hesitation (become like Hadassah- if anyone gets this reference I will be amazed!)
2.     Work for a charity
3.     Have a family who I can love unconditionally, a family being any
4.     Write a book
5.     Travel to South America and go on a road trip around America.

And when I was little I dreamt of… being a doctor.
Another adventure

1.     Tell everyone I’m ever close to about the amazing love of Jesus.
2.     Become a Mum J
3.     Become a speech and language therapist
4.     Build an orphanage
5.     Meet Switchfoot

And when I was little I dreamt of… being a cat.

1.     To follow God’s plan for my life without any fear- to become fearless so that my own insecurities don’t hold me back from leading the life that God has planned and called me to.
2.     To me a wife and a mother. I believe that faith and fellowship starts in the home and I just really believe in the importance of showing God’s love to your children and that’s one of the major ways that, as a woman, I can express God’s to the world.
3.     To get a cat named ‘Mr. Darcy’ and a turtle named ‘Speed.’
4.     To decorate my own home and to make it a place that not only expresses my personality and my creativity but also that I can use as part of God’s ministry to welcome people in. It would be a safe house so that people can feel that they can come to my home if they are in need or they need comfort and shelter. My parents have a sign that says “bidden or not bidden, God is present.’ I want him to be bidden in my house and to dwell in my home.
5.     Nurture my passion for creativity. It’s so hard to put into words what I feel when I see gorgeous blog posts and pictures of cute, adorable… such pretty things. Like vintage dresses, perfect cupcake recipes and tutorials on how to make life lovely. I just want to have the creative flair and patience to make my own dress, to make presents for my friends, to bake, to persevere with the guitar, to experiment with photography and to delve into the world of creative bliss.

When I was little, I dreamt of… being a princess (and finding my prince.)

1.     To serve Christ in everything I do. To live spiritually and to always have the right perspective.
2.     To meet someone so perfect for me, so that I can honour God and enjoy his blessing of marriage. To be a mum.
3.     To master the guitar.
4.     To experiment with music, photography and literature and to realise my full creative potential.
5.     To write and record a song to professional standard/and to write a book
The whole of the Ireland crew!
When I was little, I dreamt of… being a writer.

  1. To serve Christ to the best of my ability all my life- talking about him with others WITHOUT fear or inhibition.
  2. To write a book about something I care about (maybe even an allegory of the gospel?!)
  3. To meet the 'someone' who appreciates Jesus more than me, but loves me and respects me, and will create a God-loving family with me!
  4. To persevere with guitar and piano, making music, publishing music, enjoying music.
  5. To be what God wants me to be. And nothing else.

When I was little, I dreamt of... being a farmer.

(This is tricky for me to choose only 5 dreams....!!)
To love like God loved me, and be compelled of this sense, deeper than words can describe.   

      1. Hear Jesus' voice so clearly and depend on His presence  
      2. Be an artist  
      3. See the Holy Spirit move in France and Spain
      4. Have a beautiful husband with a heart sold out for God, with who I can run with the Lord, who                          is bonkers for Jesus and a world-shaper. 
      5. And to have children that love God.

When I was little, I dreamt of... being a vet.

Don’t they all have great dreams!

On a side note: Check out the difference in length between Abbie’s dreams and Eve’s! When Abbie was writing her’s, we were about to go and watch an episode of ‘West Wing,’ so it was a little rushed to say the least!

What are your dreams? 

Love, Megan 


  1. Oh, I thoroughly enjoyed this post. My dreams are quite similar to some of yours. I dream of becoming a journalist, living in Jerusalem, marrying an amazing man of God and having his babies (okay, I could get super mushy-gushy, but I'll leave it at that...hehe). I dream of God giving me the words to say to someone who needs the hope of Christ... I dream of someday meeting my King, and spending eternity with Him... =)

    1. Thanks Emily, that's so sweet of you to say! And I think a few of us tend to get a bit mushy too! :)

  2. I LOVE these pictures! They are beautiful!

  3. Thanks for the note, Meg, I added mine :) - couldn't get the numbers to change from being red!!
    LOVE all your dreams mes amies, so inspiring and beautiful.
    And Abbie...."I dreamt of being a cat" - amazing.


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