Tuesday, 6 March 2012

The Battle is Over...

We prepared. Kitted out. Said our Goodbyes.
Marched to the Battlefield. Side by Side.
Prepare for the worst. Maybe we'll be surprised.

The horizon looks bleak. Slim chance of success.
Hope is absent. But we'll try our best.
Waiting before No Man's. Fight to the Death.

Sun in our eyes. Harsh land beneath our feet.
Ready and waiting. The line up is complete.
Called for a mission. Called to compete.

Battle cries ring out all around.
My heart can barely stomach the sound.
Will the survivors ever be found?

'Contact'. 'Footwork'. Shrieks across the tarmac plain.
Reposession is the aim of the game.
Tripping and spluttering to perpetual pain.

Whistles ring out reverbratating through my mind.
The Army's marched on and Goal Keep was left behind.
But too late now. Too late to rewind.

Fear in their ears at the sight of the Headband.
Scratched and scarred. Snatching hands.
Watching. Waiting. Where will the ball land?

The ultimate goal? Outnumber the enemy.
Paralysed by the prize. Where's Goal D?
Nowhere to pass. 'Behind if you need'.

Turning to shoot. Suspense in the air.
Vision blurry and marred by loose hair.
Pressure mounts as all stop and stare.


The crowds go wild with shouts and screams.
Swelling with pride. It all feels like a dream.
Overwhelming consciousness: We beat the other team.

Crawling off the pitch. Only empty shells remain.
Drained and lifeless, its the end of the game.
But come next Tuesday, it'll be Netball time again.

So these were our delirious thoughts after a VERY intense netball match! Hope you like it :D

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