Sarah ~ Peppermint


It's a surprisingly short word for something that is actually fairly significant - it implies revealing a bit of who you are, your identity, what makes you YOU. I suppose it is 'Biography' shortened. And it has 'I' in the middle of it, which is fitting seeing as ME is what you talk about, right?

Or maybe wrong. You see I love all things natural. Give me a dry, grey & windy day and I'm in my element. Move that to a cliff overlooking roaring seas, or even better, be swimming and surfing, singing at the top of my lungs in that sea where I think only the majestic oceans can hear me is a minute glimpse as to what makes my soul fly.

Or I could talk about my burning passion for art, creation, the visual form of communication, where I can let myself out and feel completely at home. I cannot begin to describe the feeling I have when it's just me pouring myself out onto a canvas in a silent room.

I love silence. Time to think. A space to breathe. A moment of absolute stillness to remind myself of who I am and why I'm here. What my purpose is.

But I also love laughter. It has the potential to radically change atmospheres, I love that! I think my stomach muscles are pretty well trained now... Or those who know me would say my tear reserves, as tears seem to trickle out of my eyes when something really cracks me up! Humour is a beautiful gift.

And whilst this may sound weird, the places when I feel like I'm at rock bottom, sure, they're hard places to be at. But it's where I grow most, and it's where a song can rise up out of me, and music is created from that place. Music is such an incredible thing. I cannot begin to describe my connection with melody and lyrics.

And all of those things that I've said begin to reveal a little of who I am. So I guess I've just written a Bio. And I could stop here.

But I'm not going to because all of these things are utterly pointless, trivial, worthless, even useless, without knowing the reason and the motivation behind all of them. JESUS CHRIST. He died for me, I live for Him. It's when I'm walking along the cliff top on a cloudy, windy day that I feel exhilarated, uplifted in the Spirit of His wings. It's when I'm belting out words of adoration in the sea that my Father comes and meets me in that place. It's when I create an artwork, that the presence of God fills the room and empowers me. It's when I'm still and quiet that I hear his still, small voice. It's when I don't think my cheeks can take any more laughter that I'm reminded how flippingly awesomely GOOD God is. And it's when I'm singing out to Him who made me with tears streaming down my face that I know He holds my heart. All these things I do for Him who loves me with an everlasting love, to Him who has promised me an everlasting life.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.