Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Croatia Photoreel

Every member of The Tea House went on a trip to Croatia last summer. I'm not sure if it's evident enough from the photos above- but it was one of the best holidays I have ever been on. It was a while ago...so some of the fine details are a blur, but a general feeling of happiness and freedom still colours the memories. I remember that in our brief six days there we; climbed a mountain (not realising it was snake infested until halfway up!), went on a boat trip, started a conga in the street with strangers, prayed over the city, went swimming, went skinny dipping in the dark (!), ate the biggest pizza known to man, commandeered a plontoon, did bible studies daily, fought wasps over lunch, prayed for each other individually. It was like our final 'hurrah'. The last goodbye before we split up and went to different Universities. And I can tell you it was a £200 well spent. The prayer, especially, and the christian fellowship was priceless- I entered uni knowing God was behind me, before me, beside me, his plan was in action and his will being done- a knowledge that my friends were integral to making clear to me in Croatia. Thank you friends. Thank you Croatia. Thank you God- that holiday was a gift like no other.