Sunday, 4 March 2012

So Long...

Sunshine walls crowd darkened guests,
We wait with disbelieving hearts.
Wandering in, we take a seat,
And our honoured guest arrives.

The people here all knew him well,
And the irony lies in this way:
After all those years alone,
He'd have loved to see them today.

We remember smiles of childhood,
An ill but besotted young boy,
A family-fighting love,
Battle with Faith and gift of Joy.

His life laid out before us,
A man with a mighty heart,
A story of many acts,
In which we all have played a part.

No doubt we'll torture ourselves,
With all the 'I should have rung's
But all of that's too late now.
He's gone to join his loved one.

I cannot help my crying,
As I remember once again,
All the reasons why I loved him,
That gentle giant among men.

She says, 'We love you, you know that?'
And  in our hearts, you can tell,
That as the curtain is drawn,
We whisper a final farewell...

'So long Grandad'


  1. WOW. Eve this is incredible, and so moving. I'm praying for you and your family. Xx

  2. So Beautiful, Eve. And so much love going out to you right now. xxxx


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