Monday, 23 April 2012


I hurry down the road to my house, squinting my eyes against the flecks of rain that threaten to burst into torrents over my head. Milla and Becca walk behined me, chatting about what we'd just heard in church. I trample the steps and lift the latch, the familiar chink rippling through the air. I round the corner of my house and - "SURPRISE!"

Balloons, friends, voices, smiles, picnic, food!! All of it comes at once, rolling into one unbelieving mash of noise and exhiliaration. My first reaction - AAAH!
I thought I'd put them in a grid to emphasise how delightfully overwhelming it was! (Click to enlarge)

Ever had any surprises?

Gina x


  1. Amazing day :-) Love the photos! xxx

  2. looks like that was really fun!! I'd like to do a surprise party for one of my friends someday. Just found your blog, and I really think it's so cool and creative!! Keep it up!!


    p.s thanks to Sarah for stopping by my blog--i really appreciate it!

    1. No problem! I love your blog :-) And YES, do a surprise for your's so fun!!


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