Friday, 13 April 2012

Rainbow Drops...

I would like to state right now that getting these photos for you took a TREMENDOUS amount of self-control! I *love* Rainbow Drops, as in, I had opened the packet before I even left the store! So trying to save enough to take pictures of was quite a challenge.

I did it though... Just for you ;)

Look how ridiculously grubby my lens has got... That's embarrassingly bad!

a twinkling of sunlight
a simple burst of bliss
colour against colour
layers of serenity
blessed by serendipity
swirling and touching
tempting and teasing

too playfully perfect
to last long.

I'm also going to be cheeky and put a little link here to my own blog so you can find out why I was restless today... Quite a few of us on here also have our own blogs, so please do follow us, and we'd love to follow you too!

I hope you're having a beautiful day <3

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  1. cheeky ;)Naa I love your blog (still can't follow you though..) and love this post! (Although I don't really like them myself...they're pretty!) Xx


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