Friday, 27 April 2012

Faith Is How We See...

Gina and I were talking and I explained to her this idea that I'd had about faith. It's a cool sort of irony that faith should be our blindfold, shutting ourself off to a worldy view of life, and it should be how we see, looking through heavenly eyes. Faith is complete reliance on God, dependant that he will lead us where we need to go and never let us down.

Anyway, I had this idea that life is a in the world we're always surrounded by dangers, but because we're not of the world, God will lead us around the mines to reach the treasure at the centre. If we didn't have God we'd run straight towards the treasure and get blown to bits! The metaphor is clear: we need to rely on God to get through life and get to the ultimate treasure at the end.
So we decided to write a short story about it from Gods perspective:

I lace my fingers through her hand. She can't see me, yet she can feel My presence. Her timidity falters and a knowing smile breaks through. I give her hand a tender squeeze and her hold tightens. I don't have to look at the ground, though the mines are swarming around us like wasps on a hot day.

I see her swallow in apprehension and flick the hair from her eyes, wide and searching. I begin to imagine her without me, breaking into a sprint, without a backwards glance, eyes locked on the treasure, heart racing, lungs pounding, mind blindly charging forwards, not thinking. I shudder at the thought, sickened as I hear the explosion echo through my imagination. I grip her hand tighter, flooding her with my reassurance and love.

Bending down close to her ear I whisper quietly and gently. In obedience she starts to move, letting my Words and touch guide her. Her steps are tentative at first, her foot arching as she steps out, but as I put my arm securely round her shoulder, she begins to trust. Her steps come quicker as I guide and weave her around the mines. I spin her round and round, her dress billowing in a multitude of colours, the air around her shimmering. She opens her mouth and starts to laugh, the joy flying from her features. As she grips me tighter her laughter grows and I laugh with her, her joy increasing as she releases herself to me.

I delight in her joy and love. I lead her carefully and purposfully through the mines, our movement that of a dance, twirling and spinning and running and jumping! It's a long circuitous route, not as direct as she might have wanted or expected but we arrive breathlessly at the threshold to heaven. I watch as my Son comes out of the darkness around us, stretching out his hands and forming an archway.

My hand never leaves hers as she takes the leap of faith and jumps into his arms, burying her face into his hair.

She's home.

'I am the gate'

And on a slightly random note (you'll get the pun in a minute) there's a really great song that sort of matches this post. It's by Sanctus Real and called These Things Take Time, enjoy!
God bless,

Gina and Abbie x


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    1. Thanks so much for that! We have been looking for a good photo editing site for a while, and stumbled upon PicMonkey yesterday. So weird that you mentioned it as well!! Thanks for commenting :) xxx


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