Saturday, 7 April 2012

How To Learn a Quote

This may not seem like the most interesting blog post ever, but hopefully- in the season of exams and past-papers and revision- it may be a helpful one! At least to any English Lit students out there...

1) Make a list of the ones you want to learn. Start with the first one and repeat it over and over. Then say it, add the second one and repeat the second over and over (make sure you say the first from memory.) Then say the first and second once, add a third, and repeat the third over and over. Then say the first and second and third once, and from memory, add a fourth, and repeat the fourth over and over. Guess what comes next... :)

2) How to get them to stick whilst repeating them:
A- Set a rhythm to the quote, and make sure you stick to the beat.
B- Say it and stress a different word each time
C- Make actions up to it
D- Associate an object with it, then when you look at that object, you'll always remember it. In theory...
E- Put it on a Post-it note and stick it up in prominent places in your house
F- Blur some of the words together into a new, more interesting word, that'll stick into your memory!
    Here's a few my sister and I had (I reccomend doing this with someone! It's funny, and humour makes it stick!) If anyone can guess them I'll be impressed...
> Yoothsumalov
> Ajwintersgell
> Medicinufahouse


And G) Go into town, grab the nearest stranger and shout it in their face.

That last one was a joke. I find B, C, F particularly helpful. Others... not so much.
Happy working!


  1. YES for G.....please please do that!!!!!! :-)

  2. Haha, love G! Great idea :)

  3. Last year I wrote them all out in big lists depending on topic. Eg women, power, each section was a different colour. I have a photographic memory so it helped a lot. Are you going the winters tale? Xxx

  4. So VIA theme? Good idea. Yep, Winters Tale, Dr Faustus, Donne, the whole lot! :)xx

  5. Great ideas Mill, especially G- I so want to see you do that :) Abi, you're so lucky to have a photographic memory! xxx


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