Friday, 13 April 2012

A Few of my Favourite Virtual Hangouts...

I'm going to admit this now. I have a MAJOR obsession with blogging! I really enjoy writing blog posts and sharing a little bit of my world with yours, but what I love most is reading blogs about other people who have the most beautiful little worlds I've ever seen. They have such genuine hearts and are obviously so in love with the world around me, that it inspires me and encourages me that there is still beauty in this world, amid the chaos and noise of darkness.

So, I thought I'd share a few of my favourite blogs that I visit daily, as promised in A Guide to Finding Yourself ~ Part 1.

1. A Beautiful Mess ~ This blog is primarily written be Elsie Larson and her sister Emma, with a few guest posts from their friends. They run a vintage shop in the US called Red Velvet, which looks adorable. If I'm ever going to visit the US then, trust me, their shop is on my hit-list! There are new posts everyday (which keeps this little girl very happy) and they have the coolest DIYs and outfit ideas around.

2. Aspire ~ This is written by a teenage girl, named Hannah, who has a real heart for God, appreciation for her family, and eye for beautiful photographs. I'd like to think that if we met, then we'd be friends. She just seems so down to earth like that. You can also find her blogging at Fernweh, which is coming up in a minute!

3. Creating Paper Dreams ~ One of the main attractions to this blog, is that it's written by an old school friend, so I really DO know the person who's writing, rather than just slightly creepily feeling like I do! Abi always astounds me with her creativity and ability to make everything seem sunnier! Check out her blog for some wonderful tutorials, as well as lots of pretty pictures and stories.

4.  Feathers and Freckles (While trying to link this blog I also found this one by the same name which looks pretty awesome, so I thought I'd add it in!) ~ This blog was a recent find, and I'm so happy I found it, because Megan has really inspired me to not give up on 'thrifting' or Charity Shopping, as we Brits call it! Her outfit posts also show how simple, chic elegance doesn't have to be expensive or showy, and a genuine smile is the most attractive item a girl can wear!

5. Fernweh Magazine ~ This is a blog that is actually run in a pretty similar way to ours, and I think I can say on all of our behalf, has inspired us no end. It is run by six girls who just have such an eye for the beautiful things in life, that often pass me by. I can't put into words just what their blog makes me feel. I think it might actually be 'Fernweh', which means 'Wanderlust' or 'farsickness'. It's a yearning for a time or a place that you haven't been but you just know is home. That's why I see this blog as a tiny piece of heaven.

6. Pastor's Girl's Ponderings ~ This blog is written by one of the Fernweh girls named Carlotta. As you can see from her header, she is just gorgeous, and once you start reading, you can't help but love her spirit. She blogs about her life, her loves, her outfits, her family, and documents it all with the most beautiful photographs.

Well I think that's all for now. There are SO many more blogs out there which are definite must-reads, but sadly they won't all fit in one blog post without overwhelming you with awesomeness! Maybe another post may be needed soon...

Happy blogging! xo

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  1. Ooh. I love "A Beautiful Mess"
    I also follow Fernweh Magazine. Have you heard of "an ordinary utopia"? They're another magazine/collaboration sort of blog. =)


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