Thursday, 12 April 2012

A Guide to Finding Yourself ~ Part 1

This post could also be entitled 'How I'm going to get my life back on track', but I though that 'A Guide to Finding Yourself' sounded much more enchanting and less like a lot of hard work!!
First of all, I will be polite and ask how you are. How are you? Good, I hope, because the sun is shining here, even if its not wherever you are!
Now, despite Milla's best efforts (she was distracting me on Facebook!), I am determined to share this with you today!!
In the process of finding myself, and discovering who God is calling me to be, and calling me to do, there are few things that I'm going to start doing consistently, to help hear God and get things in order.

These may be no help whatsoever to you, but maybe there'll be a few ideas for things that you could do too...

Here goes...
1. Get into the word ~ oftentimes this is something that is literally the most obvious thing to do, but also the hardest. With life getting busier and busier in the run up to exams its so easy to think 'But I don't have time for that!', as I have done for a couple of months now. But I'm discovering that unless I'm drenching myself in the word every day, then nothing else matters, and the likelihood is that I won't survive the exams anyway!

Ephesians 2:10 ~ For we are God's Masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.
2. Write things down ~ This bit comes in three parts (as all good messages do!)
          i) Get a notebook and write down what you are learning in bible study times. This makes it much easier to remember what God has said to you in these times, as it is often so easy to forget. Also, it focuses your mind to study the passage more in depth if you know that you're then taking notes.
          ii) Keep a notebook by your bed. My gorgeous friend Sarah showed me this wonderful podcast about how God speaks to us in dreams and its so true. I'm one of those people that has MAJORLY vivid dreams. A few examples... I was a toothbrush, I was a piece of cheese on a mousetrap, I was conducting the ceremony for Voldemort and Harry Potter's wedding, and Megan's mum got decapitated. There are also certain places in my dreams that I recognise, not because I've been there in real life, but because I've been there before in a dream. Often I know if I'm going to have a nightmare, because it will be a new place, so I don't have the security of the 'Familiar'. Maybe I should do a seperate blog post on this!! Anyways, back to the point... write down dreams as soon as you wake up, because God could be speaking to you through them, so you don't want to forget!
          iii) Write a priorities list. I feel like I need to do this and redo this every few months. It's so easy to lose focus of your priorities and what you're really working for, and a priorities list helps you to really reflect on what you are putting at the centre of your life, and what you're focusing on.

I have a slight obsession with notebooks...

3. Make time for things you love. For me, this is hanging out with my stunning friends, taking photos, using my grandma's sewing machine to make things (tutorial coming soon!), reading other wonderful blogs (list coming soon), reading Jane Austen novels etc etc... The more you do things that you love, the more God will lift your spirit through these things.

As the title suggests, there will be another section coming soon, but I don't want to overload you all in one hit! And I haven't got this all sorted yet, either, so we're journeying through this together!
If you want a teaser for Part 2, here it is...
It is nothing to do with Elephants. Or Anchovies.

Leave a comment below if you have any suggestions of things that are helpful in your life!


  1. I was smiling the whole way through reading this post! I love all your pointers and I also am getting the obsession with notebooks (and, at the moment, I'm completely unable to start a notebook without having a clear objective as to what I'm going to do with it... oh dear!) I LOVE love love that you are getting into the word and thanks for the reminder about having enough time for God- You are amazing and I'm so blessed to have you as a friend! xxx

  2. I can't read this blog! :S xxx

    1. There we go... I managed to sort it out :) for some reason all the text and images were deleted. All back now... tooka a bit of fiddling thouhg, so you better appreciate it!! ;) hehe xx

  3. Me neither :( Not even on the post thingy...

    1. All sorted now, my lovely :D xx

    2. Ta very much! (irish accent ;) I love it! I love the pictures too (despite how unflattering they may be of me :) Xx

  4. Good- it's a really encouraging blog! Love it :) xxx


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