Monday, 9 April 2012

Jesus Christ is alive (and a story about throwing eggs down a hill)

Mona Lisa

Mr Potato Head

The whole motley crew :)

And the throwing commences...
An explanation: It's a tradition that my family has that on the night before Easter, we hard boil eggs and decorate them however we like. The next day, we hike up a hill and roll them down. The winner is the person whose egg survives the longest. Sound random? It is. But we have a lot of fun doing it! This year, we asked some of our friends to join in the festivities, so there was a whole group of us.

I love traditions like this, and I love that I can have a laugh with my family!

aaand... a half pyramid!

My sister's a gymnast... I think that's pretty cool :)

Don't ask!
Despite the fun that we had, the highlight of Easter Sunday for me was my brother's baptism. It was so amazing that his baptism coincided with the day on which Jesus rose! He gave an incredible (and very funny!) testimony in which he celebrated the impact that the truth of Jesus Christ has had on his life. I'm proud to have a brother like him! 

Dead to self...

Alive in Christ! :)

There was also this adorable 6 year old girl who was baptized in the same service. Instead of giving a testimony, her youth leader asked her a few questions:

Youth leader: So, L, why do you want to get baptized?

L: Because Jesus told me to.

Youth Leader: How do you know that he told you to?

L: Because I prayed and asked him.

Youth Leader: So what does it mean to you to be baptized?

L: I'm fulfilling what Jesus told me to do.

How amazing that she is so sure of her relationship with Jesus at her young age, and that she knows when he is speaking to her. Bearing in mind that she said all this with a lisp and a little smile on her face, it was incredibly cute!



P.S. What are your family traditions?


  1. BEAUTIFUL!!! What an amazing 6 year old girl hey?! And awesome for your brother :-) Love the pic of you all throwing the eggs - Caitlin's going for it!!!! Such a cool and random tradition. Maybe I'll try and get some of the photos that were taken on Sunday and write about our weird traditions ;). Love this post Meg.

    1. Thank you Sarah! haha it does tend to get a little competitive! Ah you should- I love hearing about peoples' family traditions! xx

    2. I'll try and get hold of the photos.... And also, SHEEPY EGG is my favourite :-)

    3. That was Caitlin's- she'll be so happy when I tell her! xxx


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