Sunday, 22 April 2012

six word stories

So me and Megs were casually strolling through one of our favourite blogs and found this.
What a good idea?! 6 word stories.
So we thought we'd give it a go...

nowhere to go but the end.

all that's left is this locket.

time to face the oncoming wave.

birds fly out of the hills.

she swallowed the pill and, darkness.

she only found solace in books.

'happily ever after' was the dream.

when he left, her heart collapsed.

rebellion was only the last resort.

only he remained, she wasn't disapointed.

the locked door said it all.

the smile never left her face.

This is our first time at this, so they may not be amazing but it was really interesting to try and think in such a concise way. Each line really does hold so many possible stories.

Give it a try :)

Love Megan and Eve

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