Saturday, 28 July 2012

Walking across clifftops in the summer sun

These photos were taken when Kate and I went on a cliff walk on our holiday in Cornwall (sorry- you've probably already heard about Cornwall if you've been following the blog but I couldn't resist sharing this beautiful view with you!) This beach is definitely making onto my favorite places list! It was a sunshine-y day. From the edge of the cliff, it felt like you could see for miles. We could even see our friends body boarding if we zoomed in on our cameras (photo 5!) I wish I could have taken more photos but my memory card was full and I didn't want to delete my end of term photos. Alas.
The beautiful little beach by our house

If you look closely, you can see Milla, Gina, Abbie, Sarah G, Sarah P and Meggy D body boarding!

You see the big rock island thing  in the sea? We swam out there!

On another note: I just got back from a week of summer camp where I was so blessed. It's been raining for months in England but we had the most ridiculously sunny week (prayer works), friendships were nurtured and many lives were touched by God. We were studying the books of Daniel and 1 Peter- I learned so much about how we should react to suffering as a Christian and what it really means to stand apart from the crowd. One of the memory verses that stuck out to me was this one: 'Do not fear what they fear, do not be frightened. In your hearts set apart Christ as Lord' 1 Peter 3:14. I'm such a worrier and this verse is a beautiful reminder to me that I don't need to be afraid of anything in this world but that I can take all my fears and insecurities to God.

Hope you're all enjoying the summer sun!



  1. Beautiful. I love this post. Such good memories!! I remember shouting up to you waving madly in that awesome sea :D

  2. This is (just) so beautiful!! Love it! I'm so glad you had a great week on camp - was praying lots!!

  3. Beautiful post and beautiful photos. xx

  4. LOVE THIS PLACE! And megan, thank you so much for the verse! It's really helpful, specially right now :) x

  5. Looks like you all has so much fun! The pictures were absolutely breathtaking! It makes me want to visit there so badly! Lovely post.


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