Saturday, 21 July 2012

First glimpse of the morning

So I'm not usually one for getting up any time before ten in the morning in the holidays but around Easter time my Dad told me about a once-in-a-lifetime, spectacular, must-see event happening at 4 AM: the transit of Venus. So my family and a few others walked out onto the levels looking slightly bleary-eyed and consuming vast quantities of tea. Thankfully, it was all worth it: the transit was 
beautiful, the company kept me laughing and the sunrise was indescribably breathtaking.

I love how God blesses me through the world he has created.


  1. beautifully breathtaking photos!

  2. Ohhhh. This. Is. Lovely. Creation is rich with the Creator's glory, isn't it? Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you. And yes- He never ceases to amaze me! :)

  3. Your photography is amazing! I love it. It is so beautiful!

  4. STUNNING pictures! :) xX

  5. Wow oh wow!!! It must have been absolutely insane to see this. The photos are BEAUTIFUL - incredible photography


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