Monday, 2 July 2012

Summer's Flowers

In the rush of exams, future plans and preparing to leave school (sniff) it's sometimes easy to forget the bigger picture. We end up longing to sit outside among the daisies, to talk aimlessly for hours with friends, to rest. Not just to rest the body but to rest the soul.

That's why a long Saturday afternoon free seemed so blissfully wonderful.

Our plan: to wear pretty dresses and pick flowers.

And so after morning school and lunch, we trundled on up to the boarding house, quickly changed and skipped on out the door for a long, joyful walk. We had our house dinner coming up that afternoon, the theme of which was 'vintage tea-party.' Hence we decided to full up tea cups with wild flowers as table decorations.
Our forest trail...

Beautiful Megan...

How do you rest?
Much love!!
Megan and Kate

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