Friday, 8 June 2012

The power of music

Over the past few years I have begun to discover the power of music.

I used to just be swayed by the tides of what was 'popular', tuning into a radio station and getting into anything that had a good beat and a catchy tune. But then, around the summer of 2010 I fell in love. I fell in love with a band, and their name is Switchfoot.

I discovered that music was so much more than a good beat and catchy tune, it could seriously impact your life. It was sort of like the blindfold was taken off, and I gasped in horror as I looked back at some of the destructive stuff I had been singing along to.
Many people say, 'I know that these songs are giving off a bad message, but it doesn't matter that I sing along with them, because I know I don't agree with the lyrics'.
Well I disagree.
I think that the lyrics of songs can impact on your life, on a subconscious level - they can make you feel worthless, lonely and depressed, or on the other hand - they can fill you with truth until you radiate it. So I challenge you, if you don't agree with the things your singing along with - stop - and find something you do agree with.

But enough with the heavy stuff - let's take a look at some of my favourite lyrics and why they are so amazing....

'Oh your love is a symphony, all around me, running through me'
Your Love is a Song - Switchfoot
This is so powerful and reminds me of how God's love is present everywhere - in our relationships, nature, the things that make us smile, the little things, the big things - they all make up this beautiful love - just as lots of different instruments make up a song.

'I dare you to move, I dare you to lift yourself off of the floor'
I Dare You to Move - Switchfoot
This has really challenged me recently - that when I'm in that situation - where I could stand up and make a difference I shouldn't be held back by anything - not by my fears, or by my past - but I should courageously pursue God's will.

'I'm learning to breathe, I'm learning to crawl, I'm finding that you and you alone can break my fall, I'm living again awake and alive, I'm dying to breathe in these abundant skies'
Learning to Breathe - Switchfoot
I find that there are some times in my life when I seem to put my relationship with God on hold - I get caught up in the business of deadlines and pressures and I lose that sense of being utterly in love with him. But then, I remember - and I fall back into His arms - and this song sums up exactly how I feel at that moment, learning to rely on Him once again.

'Until the sea of glass we meet, at last completed and complete, when tide and tear and pain subside, laughter drinks them dry'
Restless - Switchfoot
This is just a completely awesome song which fills me with an incredible heart-wrenching excitement for heaven - it's incredible!

So I reckon that's enough lyrics for now (yes... I do realise I have only written about Switchfoot...and I do love other music - but hey - Switchfoot are awesome!)

This is an example of just how powerful music can be.
Restless - Switchfoot

What songs do you guys find speak powerfully to you?


  1. yeee-aaAAHH! (your love is a song!!)- LOVE switchfoot and this post! x

  2. Oh wow Abbie. I one hundred and fifty per cent agree with you on every single word you just said. I was literally JUST having this conversation with my sister, trying to (hopelessly) explain how Switchfoot got me into seeing music for REAL. It is exactly like a blindfold has been lifted. I'm seeing the music world in COLOUR, at long last!! I just wish I could communicate that to others more effectively...and I totally agree with your having NOSPACE for rubbish lyrics. They affect who you are. Words are powerful.

  3. So in answer to your question, and keeping on the Switchfoot theme...
    "this body's not my own, this world is not my own, but I still can hear the sound of my heart beating out"
    "just because it's law doesn't mean it's fair"
    "never let another soul tell you what to fear"
    (at the beginning of the Live Your Love is a Song version:) "you're love is stronger than you think it's stronger than the's stronger than you think it is"

    I'm gonna stop there! :D Brilliant brilliant post, Abbie.

  4. So true! Music has such and impact on my life--and man, Switchfoot has some pretty amazing lyrics!

  5. "Every set of blessings comes with a set of curses." DEEP.


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