Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Penultimate exams and Lovely sisters

You have probably guessed from the last few posts that we are in the midst of big exams at the moment. Yesterday, I had my Spanish exam, which was my penultimate one (yahoo!) When I came home, I absent-mindedly told my family how the exam was - it was fine - and went off and read for a while to relax. My sister popped her head round the door, and said, "nearly cheesecake time, come in the kitchen when Dad does." She'd been telling me for months how she wanted to make this amazing cheesecake she'd heard about and today was the day she'd done it! So I carried on reading, completely unsuspicious.

Then when Dad came through, I heard my sister's voice calling out in an unusually urgent tone ... "Sarah......Come......NOW!!!" So I came through and there she was, trying to stop the candles from blowing out on top of the most incredible and beautiful cheesecake I have ever seen! 

Oh, I love surprises. This one caught me totally unaware. She'd made the cheesecake for me to celebrate nearly having exams over with! What a kind, kind, kind sister I have. 

Here are some photographs that I managed to capture. It was white chocolate and strawberry flavour, thoroughly unhealthy but totally scrumptious! I hope I don't make you too hungry..... :-)


If any of you are going through exams, keep pulling through!

What are your favourite ways to celebrate?



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