Tuesday, 12 June 2012


Hiccups are a NIGHTMARE. So being the kind and lovely people we are we thought we'd help out. Here's a few well known remedies- it seems everyone has a different opinion, but here are ours...
  1. Hold your breath.
  2. Hold your breath and swallow three times.
  3. Hold your breath and write your name on your forehead.
  4. Breath in and out very slowly.
  5. Be scared very suddenly!
  6. Have someone offer to pay you if you hiccup one more time.
  7. Drink water upside-down.
  8. Drink water and gurgle a song.
  9. Have someone hit you.
  10. Hold your breath and imagine you are pushing out of your lungs
  11. Imagine you're a pony..trotting along a rainbow road (glittery heals) focus on trying to sprout a unicorn horn (It works EVERY time...seriously.)
  12. Play a musical instrument whilst holding your breath.
Here's a severe case... If you have them right now... I hope this helps!

Good luck,

Milla and Gina

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  1. Haha. These made me laugh so hard. Some methods I've tried but others....ooh I must explore these....especially the one with someone paying me....oh and number eleven sounds absolutely amazing as well! ;)


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