Monday, 1 October 2012

Chasing the Sun - PART 1.

While on a flight back from beautiful Italy, an incredible view from the airplane window triggered thoughts that had me scrabbling for a paper airline bag to write it all down on. I thought I'd share it with you in 2 parts;

As we hurtle through the sky, an incredible sunset grabs my attention and glues my eyes to it as we chase it, the sun threatening to disappear over the horizon with every second that passes. But the plane continues in pursuit of it, as if crying out that no, its eyes cannot be taken off the prize.

As the sun finally sinks and time has its way, the aircraft continues to its destination - it knows where it is going. It reminded me so strongly of a Switchfoot song - 'The Setting Sun' - "I belong somewhere past the setting sun...". We have an aim, and even when the darkness of the world threatens to snatch our eyes of the Sun (Son), and our ultimate destination, we must still, and can still, keep on pushing towards the place past the setting sun, even as the light gets dimmer and dimmer.

Faith and hope will win in the end. 

Hebrews 11 - 'Faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.'

------A taster : PART 2 ------ ....'as the darkness brewed, the plane in fact caught up with the sun once again. Chasing the sun through the darkness was worth the effort. Faith and hope did win.'


  1. This is incredible! So profound!!

    1. Thank you Abbie!! Lets chat some time soon yes? xxx


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