Saturday, 10 November 2012

We stepped outside of ordinary...

It was early evening on a Friday and we hadn't seen each other in a while... so we decided to bake cupcakes. This alone isn't unusual for us, but then we got around to discussing flavours- and what happened next left us with 8 styles of INCREDIBLE cakes that taste as good as they look....

Miltonian  Regular 

A vanilla cupcake that while rather convincingly appears to be a scone, is actually a Victoria Sponge thanks to the delicious strawberry jam and butter icing centre. We marked them out of ten, and this was definitly an 8/10.

Cabin Sketch Regular
A soft and gooey banna and chocoloate chip extravaganza! To top this one off we glazed bannana slices in honey, butter, sugar and cinamon- and there they lie, beneah a showering of icing sugar. It is indeed brilliant. And deserved a 9-10/10.

Amatic SC Regular
A centre errupting with icing and sprinkles, this was a clever mix of cool chocolate and flaming chilli, (otherwise known as- the Volcano) and is garunteed to leave you breathless! For better or for worse... we awarded this one a lowly 6/10.

Husband of the Millennium

Introducing: Clem. A dark-chocolate and orange cupcake, that is enthused with clementine zest and melted bournville. We cut out the middle, filled the gap with chocolate icing, and then placed the remaining cake back on top for a squeezed, butterfly effect. The chocolate drop finished it off perfectly.  8/10
KG One More Night
There once was a lemony from snicket
(a town on the edge of mt rickett)
who loved to bake
and made one hell of cake,
so enjoy the tang as you lick it! 8/10


This is our most politically correct cake. It was Kate's handiwork especially, as she artfully entwinted vanilla mixture with chocolate, using nothing but a broken candle. Don't let that put you off, it tasted sweet and was full of variety- but it crumbled under the competition. 7/10

SF Grunge Sans

Immagine, if you will, Maggie Smith. Warm hearted, fluffy haired and with  spicy attitude. Seeing as this combination worked so well in Downton Abbey, we resurrected it as a Cake, exchanging personality for ingredients. To finish, we drizzled honey on top, which completely INTENTIONALLY came out in the shape of a rose. As such, this was one of our best on all accounts (despite Gina being extra generous with the mixed herbs): 9/10

One Constant
Walnut and Coffee proved to be a wonderful combination. With a 'mocca' esque base, and grounded nuts, it tasted deep and strong when it emerged out of the oven, and was topped with coffee icing and a walnut crown. Again, a darn cood cake. 9/10


This twisted, malformed, misunderstood and patched up cake was engineered to bring the joys of all our cakes together! In short: it's half one flavour, half another, so you can have a mouthful of both without creating crumbs. It has to be: 10/10

Which is your favorite of the bunch? Please have your say because the winning cakes will be sold at our church, to raise money for our Tanzania trip in January (yes, we are actually going! And are very physced about it.)
Have you made any great cakes recently? Any new ideas, extravanganzas and yummy recipes to share? Please do add to the flavour of this blog! :)

Lots of Love,
Milla, Kate, Gina and Abbie.

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  1. GUYS. This. is .AWWWWEEEESOME!!!!!! Wow. I love the names :D! Wow wow wow, beautifully photographed and looks like they were pretty tastefully created! OOh, I think Call me Clem is my Fave! Close runners up : Nuts, victoria vanilla and banana one. BEST BLOG POST EVER.


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