Wednesday, 7 November 2012

We are One Tonight

A couple of posts ago Sarah mentioned a wonderful song called 'We are One Tonight' by none other than the one and only SWITCHFOOT! Well this song has really struck a chord with me lately, as the members of the tea house have scattered far and wide - as we are all taking gap years.

This means that I have been missing my friends a LOT and sometimes feel really down remembering all the amazing times we had together.

However- the song We Are One Tonight gives me hope. It reminds me that though we may be far away from one another we are part of God's great family and there is such an incredible intimacy in that! So no matter how many miles are between us we are still One in God!!

Oh and by the way - look out for a new series we are about to do on what God has been doing in our Gap Years - it's gonna be exciting stuff :)


  1. ABBIE!!!!!!! I ADORE THIS. So so so agreed. I often feel so far from you all and like we have been scattered, even with all the good new things happening in all our lives, it's hard not to find yourself missing the past amazing blessed times we had. But yes, we are Christ's body and His bride, and that unites us :D. I couldn't agree with you more. Looooove the picture. How'd you do it?! Hope to catch up soon, and so excited for our gap year series : ) xxxxxxx

    1. Thanks :) there's this programme called Picaso which allows you to make photo collages - so much fun!! And yes for catching up soon :D :D xxxx

  2. Abbie this is so cool!! And yes, we ARE one tonight! :) All emotional now...


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