Friday, 11 May 2012

A special bucket list...

We're about to leave Monkton. You may have guessed by a few of the highly emotional and nostalgic blog posts that we've been circulating recently. We're determined to make the most of our last few weeks at school, we love the place, we love each other. As a tribute and a last challenge we've decided to create a bucket list of things we must complete before we leave:
  1. Time capsual (leave it somewhere around a wall...)
  2. Leave messages in a library book 11th May 2012 - Kate, Milla, Abbie and I left some messages today...they were humerous and meaningful, filled with advice and challenges. It could be awkward if they were found before we left...haha.
  3. Make Mr Sertin blush  20th May 2012 - I'm going to cross this one off although he really just made himself blush through some blunder of this own...if you let him talk for long enough it's bound to happen really...I wonder why we didn't think of it before...
  4. Quote something in every lesson
  5. Have a picnic we had a picnic by the river after all our exams had finished, was great :)
  6. Play tennis on the grass courts  16th June 2012 - Our (Sarah, Milla and I) last match tennis match EVER got cancelled! :( So we decided to kill two birds with one stone (see below) and play tennis on the grass courts. It was a LOT of fun, Megan D joined us too!
  7. Watch a guys match (see above)
  8. Take lots of photos  17th May 2012We took tons at the a house BBQ and house dinner and just generally around school :)
  9. Play in an informal concert (this applies to Milla, Kate and I)
  10. Inscribe our names somewhere (it could be considered 'vandalism'...ssssh)- On the tree by eddy!!
  11. Watch the sunset/rise - On the last day of school EVER before we went to Cornwall!
  12. Battle of the bands (...gulp...) 1st June 2012 - WOO!! We did it!! So much fun, very scary, such a buzz, loved doing it together :)
  13. Talk to someone new 18th May 2012 - Sports dinner and an arranged seating plan saw this one completed...awkward small talk is always fun!
(I will be crossing off as we go) Blogging this list will make us all the most determined to complete it. Wish us luck! Any other suggestions? Pranks we could pull...? They would be much appreciated!

Gina x


  1. I hope they're achievable! x

  2. That's brilliant (especially the leaving notes in the books-part. ;)
    I really want to leave a note in a library book now......

  3. You can cross of Battle of the Bands now :D!!! Woo! And I never commented, but BRILLIANT WORK on making Sertin blush!! ;-)


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