Friday, 11 May 2012

Listening for His voice...

Lately I've been thinking about prayer. I feel like so often we except Him to listen to us when we pray. But when I remember His brilliant promises, His faithful and loving nature, the way He is, WHO He is, what He has done... it's hard not to wonder why we're so demanding.

I got thinking that perhaps it's a fault of human nature; in fact I know it is. We all like to talk about ourselves, even the great 'listeners' out their like to natter on about the dream they had last night or the day they just spent. Is this innate selfishness? Is it simply an easy source of conversation? Is it that we feel safe when talking about something familiar?

Whatever it is, and however much God loves to hear from us (which is a lot) we must remember that coming to God in prayer is not coming to God in complaint. Or in demand. Or out of the oh so desparate need for a 'quick-fix'. It's going with complete trust in who He is, listening for His voice, and thanking Him, praising Him, giving Him your worries in a humble, patient manner.

Well WOW that's easier said than done. But whilst writing this I was reminded of a little word-play my mum told me when I was a child, to help remember 'how to pray'- Jesus Others Yourself. Joy. Perhaps a little 'sunday school' I know. But, I feel, worth bearing in mind and in prayer.


  1. Really love this Milla - so so true :D
    xx p.s am I the friend who nattered on about the dream they had last night? ha!

  2. So so true! Thank you for this

  3. Brilliant. Stunning. Truth. WOW.


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