Friday, 27 May 2016

A spring clean!

Hello.... is anybody out there?

It feels like I'm shouting into this hole, this abyss where once this blog was filled with the happy chorus of stories, news, laughter, colour and events. Looking back over this blog tears somewhat at the heartstrings. If you'll allow me to get sentimental it feels like an abandoned house, the photos still hang upon the walls, but there's a film of dust over the place. Well, I'm going to have a bit of a spring-clean if you'll allow me to...

But PRAISE THE LORD, although the dust may have settled over the cyber-space world that is this blog the friendships themselves are still alive and beating! God is good!

Allow me to re-introduce what has gone down of late: out of the eight of us, five are graduating this year, two are going on to do masters, one has had a year abroad in the land of Spain, one is on a year out working in a hospital, one is going to be a relay worker, one has plans to move to CANADA, and one is FRICKING ENGAGED!

How has this happened? Good question, reading back through the blog it feels like just yesterday we were all schoolgirls frolicking (or perhaps racing) from class to class constantly surrounded by echoes of carefree giggles of delight. Yet despite the distance, despite the ageing, the responsibilities, the work-stresses and future-anxiety I can still sit here are write that I have 7 of the greatest friendships ever, contained in this old tea-house. Seriously, everytime we have the privilege of meeting up I am astounded by the love and joy that is encompassed in this special group of girls.

Whatever the future holds I am armed with the knowledge that these guys have my back! Thank you Jesus for that. So I am going to try and resurrect this thing, who's with me?!

For now I leave you with some glorious photos:
Laughing is still one of our favourite past-times!

We saw needtobreathe...then met the band!!


Some snaps from our Italian adventure...

The beautiful bride to be... <3

This Easter we had our own revision camp #toocool

Unfortunately Sarah has been missed as
she's been in Spain - but so looking forward
to her return and future adventures!

All my love, dear friends! Abbie

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